Musical Portrait

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Orientarsi Festival to Pennabilli (FC) Italy
Musical Portrait to Ostuni  Busker (Br) Italy
Musical Portrait to Montefiore Conca (FC) Italy
Musical Portrait to Numana  with Marta Celli (arpa) (An) Italy
Musical Portrait to Alkimie San Leo (RN) Italy
Musical Portrait to Bra Festival (CN) Italy
12 colors for 12 notes choose 5 for the melody, 
own sign of the Zodiac will determine the harmony, based on the element of own sign the rhythmical part is constructed. 
With these elements the musical portrait will be executed live that will be recorded and burned on CD at the moment and the place.

Improvisation, creativeness will take the upper hand of it to guarantee a live performance.

Stefano Fariselli:
saxophones: soprano, alto, tenor e bariton,
flutes: flute, quena, sikus, whistle, flauto dolce, bansuri and other popular flutes of the south America.
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