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At age 13 Stefano Fariselli matriculates in the Conservatory G. Rossini in Pesaro where he studies the flute. At the same time he studies the tenor saxophone and gets involved with jazz music.

At age 17, he obtains his first job as a saxophone and flute player in an orchestra that plays dance music.

At age 20 he has his first experiences playing jazz, first with his older brother Patrizio, then with other young musicians from the area, among which are: S. Travaglini, M. Tamburini, R. Monti, G. Oleandri.

At age 22 he forms his first jazz quartet with R. Manzoli, D. Barbieri, A. Pasinato, and plays jazz in various clubs in Emilia Romagna, Veneto and Tuscany.

At age 24 he becomes part of the one of the most famous Italian orchestras in Europe, Lello Tartarino, and works with this orchestra in Sweden, Germany and Finland.

At age 26 he leaves for New York where he participates in various jam sessions, and studies with G. Coleman and P. Sanders.

At age 27 he moves to Milan, where he is a shift-worker in director's studio; plays jazz in the clubs of Milan and collaborates with other musicians, among which are W. Calloni, S. Cerri, A. Tavolazzi, P. Ghetti, M. Manzi, G. Bombardini, G. Capiozzo and P. Fariselli. In the same period he forms two quartets:"Four for Fusion" and "Quadricheco".

At age 29, still working with jazz, he additionally participates in various tours with  A. Mingardi, the Stewe Rogers Band, gli Stadio ecc.

From 1991 he devotes himself to composing and recording music for children (Albero Azzurro), for documenteries, for educational videos about natural food and circus music.

At the same time he works with G. Mattei, C. Fabbri and F. Petretti to create a quartet of saxophones "Ti Sha Man Nah" which wins first prize in the competition "Barga Jazz","Summertime in Jazz" of Prato and "Music Inn", and becomes the homonym for the Jazz of Rome. With this quartet he composes and records pieces that will be used for concerts and the recording of the band's fourth CD.

In 1995 he completes the project "Metodo in Musica" [Method in Music] which is entirely dedicated to teaching music, collaborating with saxophone, flute, and clarinet teachers of the greatest Italian, Spanish and German conservatories. He has played and given concerts and conferences in the conservatories of Milan, Fermo, Adria and Cesena  with the Ti Sha Man Nah saxophone quartet. He teaches the saxophone, jazz improvisation and music in private music schools. He educates the ear in preschools.

From 2000 he devotes himself to the composition and recording of original music and arrangements for musical projects which range from pop, with arrangements for bows for the tour of C. Cremonini, arrangements for Big Bend executed for the "Agave di Cristallo” which developed in Lerici where it is exhibited with the actor Enzo De Caro. He oversees the arrangements and the  repeats in the studio for the CD “Anna 24 12” for the emergent singer Annamaria Rizzi and for with the production of the CD “Vite Andate”. He collaborated with the actress Lelia Serra for the music and poetry projects “Le Mogli del Mondo”; He produces music for the musical "Hairspray" with the company Qaos.  

From 2004 to 2007 he was the artistic director for the jazz club “Blue’s Cafè” of Cesenatico.

He has played with Bruce Forman, Joe Garrison, Ehud Aschery, Max Furian, James Zollard, Chuc McPerson, Oscar Zenari, Pancho e Pepe Ragonese, Giovanni Giorgi, Ed Cherry, Alex Marchetti Big Band, Michele Francesconi, Roberto Monti, Roberto Bartoli, etc..., con Massimo Manzi, Paolo Ghetti, Marco Pretolani e Enrico Farnedi (leader) he directs the CD “Rico and the Undertakers”. Con: Fabrizio Venturelli violin, Michela Zanotti viola, Anselmo Pelliccioni cello, Paolo Ghetti double base he produces, composing and arranging for bows, the project “Fiato agli Archi”, an innovative musical context of experimentation.

With Randy Bernsen, a guitarist from Milan in the USA, who has collaborated with Zawinul Syndacate and with J. Pastorius Big Band poi. A Tenerife he plays at the “Finca dell’Arte" and at the “Faro jazz club” to the Christians and Americans on the coast of Adeje.

In 2008 besides giving concerts as a soloist and sideman he produces two disks as the arranger and composer with Paola Sabbatani, a folk singer of estrazione popolare  and Mamadou Lamine Maiga a singer from Senegal who has the reputation of one of the best voices of Africa. He holds musics laboratories in Longiano (FC) e Cesenatico (FC) and in Longiano he directs a multiethnic chorus “Un coro dal mondo”.

In this past year, besides teaching and giving concerts together with Paolo Sereno, Andrea Costa, “Del Barrio”, he completes a theatrical piece together with his sister Loretta and Annamaria Nanni called “Questione di Stile”, geometry in movement, a project which witnesses the interaction of music, dance and painting. With "Naima for a Dancer" arrangement for a soprano  marimba and dance,he wins a national prize for an arrangement announced by the Naima Jazz club of Forlì.